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SabinetLaw –  Advancing public interest with a repository of South Africa Legal Information

With the introduction of our legal services in 1995, Sabinet has since become one of the leading suppliers of online legal information in South Africa. 

Following this we’re able to create the innovative solutions in our fast-changing legal landscape with SabinetLaw – advancing the public interest.

We believe that understanding and staying abreast of the South African legal profile is vital for economies to grow and prosper, which is why we constantly work to ensure that new content is made available as it is published.

Updated daily, SabinetLaw is a compilation of legal content, made available by  Sabinet’s Legal Information Services,  on  the various spheres of government (national, provincial and local)  and  articles written by Sabinet’s highly skilled writers

Our legal content collection empowers those who require it.

What you can expect from SabinetLaw?

  • Highlights of the latest government and parliamentary happenings
  • Legislative profiles of all new bills and acts from 2008 onwards
  • Complete legislative history from the first discussions in Parliament to becoming an Act and an at-a-glance view of where a Bill is in the process
  • Links to the documents in Sabinet’s databases for existing subscribers
  • Articles written by Sabinet’s highly skilled writers
  • Legislative process and collective articles on specific subject matters
  • Tactical links to offer a holistic approach to each piece of legislation and related content from other News Articles, Opinion Pieces, Non Parliamentary Speeches and Statements

Our Bill Tracker and Parliamentary Documents service is updated daily as we track Bills every step of the way. Graphically illustrated, from their first discussion in Parliament as they develop from Draft Bills into Bills and are signed into law by the president and are finally consolidated and updated as Acts.