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Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment 2013

Bill Number: B30-2012Act Number: 3 of 2013
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Original Act
Draft Bill

Draft bill full text

  • Published in GG 33028 of 15 March 2010
  • Published in GG 35597 of 15 August 2012

Year of publication


Publication for comment (draft bill)

Published in GG 33028 of 15 March 2010

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Statement by Anton Alberts, Freedom Front Plus Parliamentary Spokesperson, calls on President Zuma to decline signing the 'unconstitutional' Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment BillPolity.org.za2013-06-13
Address by the Minister of Transport Mr Dikobe Ben Martins (MP) on the Transport Laws and Related Matters Amendment Bill 2012 at National Council of ProvincesGCIS2013-05-22
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