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Expropriation 2020

Bill Number: B23-2020
Bill Status
Draft Bill

Draft bill full text

Published in GN 1082 in GG 43798 of 9 October 2020

Year of publication


Explanatory summary (draft bill)

Published in GN 1082 in GG 43798 of 9 October 2020

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News Articles
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Speeches and Statements (Non parliamentary)
5 new laws planned for South Africa to look out for in the coming monthsBusinessTech2022-03-04
Media Statement: Bethlehem residents call for the passing of the bill to ensure economic fruits of democracy reach the majorityParliament2021-08-29
Media Statement: Welkom residents say Expropriation Bill will lead to erosion of property rightsParliament2021-08-28
Media Statement: Khai Ma Local Municipality residents reject Expropriation BillParliament2021-08-22
Media Alert: Committee On Public Works to Conduct Public Hearings on the Expropriation Bill in KwaXimbaParliament2021-05-22
Media Statement: Ulundi Residents Voice Their Opinions on the Expropriation BillParliament2021-05-22
Media Alert: Committee takes public hearings on Expropriation Bill to the West Rand District MunicipalityParliament2021-05-06
Media Statement: Expropriation Bill opens access to land for landless majority and provides answer to stalled land reformParliament2021-04-26
Expropriation Bill public hearings head to North WestSouth African Government News Agency2021-04-21
Media Statement: Plight of farm dwellers dominates public hearings on Expropriation Bill in Mpumalanga ProvinceParliament2021-04-18
Media Statement: Mpumalanga communities make submissions on Expropriation BillParliament2021-04-15
Media Statement: Public Works Committee and Infrastructure completes first of four public hearings on Expropriation Bill in LimpopoParliament2021-04-08
Legislation: EWC parallel hearings point to procedural blunderLegalbrief2021-03-26
Media Statement: Committee on Public Works concludes first round of Oral submissions on Expropriation BillParliament2021-03-24
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AfriForum submits comments on Expropriation BillPoliticsweb2021-02-08
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Media Statement: Public Works and Infrastructure Committee extends deadline for written submissions on Expropriation BillParliament2021-02-04
The new expropriation policy’s questionable premisesPoliticsweb2021-01-19
Have your say Expropriation Bill [b23 – 2020] submissions and hearingsBorder-Kei Chamber of Business2020-12-18
Committee on Public Works Scrutinises Policy and Legal Meanings of Expropriation BillParliament2020-11-24
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