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Expropriation 2015

Bill Number: B4-2015
Bill Status
Draft Bill

Draft bill full text

Published in GG 36269 of 20 March 2013

Year of publication


Publication for comment (draft bill)

Published in GG 36269 of 20 March 2013

Explanatory Summary

Published in GG 38418 of 26 January 2015

Parliamentary Documents
2015-03-24Briefing PaperExpropriations Bill [B4-2015]: Department Briefing
2015-07-28SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: IRR
2015-07-28SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: CFCR
2015-07-28SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: Eskom
2015-07-28SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: Banking Association
2015-07-29SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: Agri SA
2015-07-29SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: AIVSA Professional Valuer
2015-07-29SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: South African Cape Chamber
2015-07-31SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: BUSA
2015-07-31SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: SA Catholic Bishops' Conference
2015-07-31SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: Ndobela Lamola Inc & Ka-Mbonane Inc Attorney
2015-07-31SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: Webber Wentzel
2015-08-04SubmissionHearings on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015]: COSATU
2016-02-09Committee ReportReport of the Portfolio Committee on Public Works on the Expropriation Bill [B4-2015], dated 26 January 2016
2016-03-03Briefing PaperExpropriation Bill [B4B-2015]: Department of Public Works
2018-01-31Briefing PaperExpropriation Bill [B4D-2015]: Department of Public Works
2018-01-31Policy DocumentExpropriation Bill [B4D-2015]: Public Participation
2018-08-29Committee ReportReport of the Portfolio Committee on Public Works on the Expropriation Bill, dated 28 August 2018
Further Information
Sabinet Monitoring Articles
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Zuma asks for advice on parliamentary process followed on Expropriation Bill in wake of petitionsThe Sowetan2016-07-26
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MPs pass "problematic" expropriation billPolity.org.za2016-02-24
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Parliament passes land expropriation billMoneyweb2016-02-23
Beware of impact of new laws on investment - ChamberFin242016-02-05
New Expropriation Bill gains momentumMoneyweb2016-02-04
Expropriation Bill sets out process for property grabbingThe Times2016-02-03
Furore over Land Expropriation BillIOL2016-02-03
Uproar over adoption of SA Land Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2016-02-03
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Parties still divided over controversial Expropriation BillEyewitness News2016-01-27
New land expropriation law nears completionNews242016-01-26
SA MPs to vote on expropriation bill next weekPolity.org.za2016-01-26
Sparks fly at Expropriation Bill meetingThe Times2015-10-20
DA: Expropriation Bill gives State sweeping powersEyewitness News2015-09-08
Property definition under scrutiny in ParlyIOL2015-09-02
Public Works Committee to consider Expropriation BillEyewitness News2015-08-27
Expropriation Bill compensation amounts to be challengedEyewitness News2015-08-26
Govt proposes changes to Expropriation BillEyewitness News2015-08-26
'Expropriation will be government's last resort'Eyewitness News2015-08-25
Cosatu backs Expropriation BillBusiness Day2015-07-30
Parly committee encouraged by submissions on Expropriation BillThe Times2015-07-30
Agri SA wants market value for expropriated landMail and Guardian2015-07-29
Banks warn Expropriation Bill will create risks for bond debtorsBusiness Day2015-07-29
Cosatu in favour of Expropriation BillSABC News2015-07-29
Cosatu in favour of Expropriation BillSABC News2015-07-29
'Land bill' back on agendaIOL2015-07-28
Expropriation bill will spook investors, banks sayFin242015-07-28
SA rights groups criticise land expropriation billMoneyweb2015-07-28
Land Expropriation Bill threatens food securitySABC News2015-06-20
Landowners can challenge expropriation billEyewitness News2015-03-25
'No expropriation without compensation'IOL2015-03-24
Barrage of new laws alarms US firms in SABusiness Day2015-02-20
Expropriation Bill mum on links to valuation actBusiness Day2015-02-19
AfriBusiness examines legislation's threat to property rightsBusiness Day2014-06-04
New Expropriation Bill 'better, but still bad' - FMFPolity.org.za2013-06-26
New Expropriation Bill 'better, but still bad' - FMFPolity.org.za2013-06-26
New Expropriation Bill 'better, but still bad' - FMFPolity.org.za2013-06-26
Threat to propertyThe Times2013-04-29
No land expropriation frenzy: CroninThe Times2013-04-17
State would need to prove public use, interest in expropriationSAnews.gov.za2013-04-17
Opinion Pieces
On the ConCourt and land restitutionPoliticsweb2016-07-31
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Is there a property crisis in South Africa?South African Research Chair in Property Law, Stellenbosch University2014-06-01
Expropriation bill seeks to aid infrastructure developmentPolity.org.za2013-06-27
The draft Expropriation Bill, 2013 and the Constitutional Court's decision in AgriSA v Minister for Minerals and EnergyPolity.org.za2013-04-29
Speeches and Statements (Non parliamentary)
National Aseembly agrees to Redrafting of Expropriation BillANC Parliamentary Caucus2018-09-04
Expropriation Bill withdrawn for further reconsideration - ANC caucusPoliticsweb2018-08-28
DA won't let the ANC sneak Expropriation Bill through - Thandeka MbabamaPoliticsweb2018-05-21
We'll pursue EWC using constitution - ANCPoliticsweb2018-05-21
Expropriation Bill must be brought in line with the Constitution - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2017-02-18
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Zuma needs to send job-killing Expropriation Bill back to Parliament - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2016-07-25
Zuma requests details on process followed in passing Expropriation Bill - the PresidencyPoliticsweb2016-07-25
AfriBusiness uses double-barrel strategy on Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2016-06-10
The Presidency is considering matters relating to the Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2016-06-08
Zuma petitioned to send Expropriation Bill back to Parliament - DAPoliticsweb2016-06-07
TAU SA objects against proposed Expropriation BillPoliticsweb2016-06-02
The IRR looks to President Zuma to rectify the failings on the Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2016-05-27
ANC makes principle of expropriation a political issue - Pieter GroenewaldPoliticsweb2016-05-26
Bill will help intensify land redistribution - Office of the ANC Chief WhipPoliticsweb2016-05-26
COSATU commends Parliament for adopting the Expropriation ActPoliticsweb2016-05-26
DA gives red light to Expropriation Bill - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2016-05-26
NCOP adopt Expropriation BillPoliticsweb2016-05-19
Solidarity expresses its concern over Expropriation BillPoliticsweb2016-05-19
DA in NCOP blocks deliberations on Expropriation Bill - Elza van LingenPoliticsweb2016-05-11
Opposing voices on Expropriation Bill negated - Ina CilliersPoliticsweb2016-05-10
DA NC: Andrew Louw on concerns regarding Expropriation Bill Public HearingsPolity.org.za2016-04-18
CFCR: Does the Expropriation Bill allow third party transfers?Polity.org.za2016-02-26
Passing of Expropriation Bill welcome - COSATUPoliticsweb2016-02-24
Expropriation Bill does little to protect citizens - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2016-02-23
Expropriation Bill key to transformation trajectory - Office of ANC Chief WhipPoliticsweb2016-02-23
Expropriation Bill will further hurt economy - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2016-02-18
Public Works on adopted Expropriation BillGCIS2016-02-12
Expropriation Bill an instrument to legalise land grabs - Pieter GroenewaldPoliticsweb2016-02-03
Expropriation Bill adoption brings us closer to junk status - SolidarityPoliticsweb2016-02-02
Expropriation Bill at odds with the Constitution - Anchen DreyerPoliticsweb2016-02-02
Expropriation bill a threat to human and economic rights - AfiBusinessPoliticsweb2016-02-02
Public Committee adopts Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2016-02-02
Expropriation Bill: Our response to Geoff Budlender - IRRPoliticsweb2015-08-13
Parliament completes public hearings on Expropriation BillGCIS2015-08-04
Solidarity addresses the portfolio committee on dangers of the Expropriation BillPolity.org.za2015-08-03
Expropriation Bill will ensure equitable land redistribution - ANCPoliticsweb2015-04-26
The Expropriation Bill: A better alternativePoliticsweb2015-04-22
FF Plus: Adv. Anton Alberts says ANC government's expropriation and investment draft bills worry the French governmentPolity.org.za2015-02-20
Land issue too long ignoredSAnews.gov.za2014-09-11
Credit Suisse warns on draft Expropriation Bill - AfriSakePoliticsweb2014-09-05
Responses to Expropriation Bill often emotional - Jeremy CroninPoliticsweb2013-05-08
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Be afraid: The Expropriation Bill is back - SAIRRPoliticsweb2013-03-27
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