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Bill Number: B61-2008Act Number: 71 of 2008
Bill Status
Original Act
DateGazette NumberTitle
2009-04-0932121ACT NO. 71 OF 2008: COMPANIES ACT, 2008
Consolidated Act
Draft Bill

Draft bill full text

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Year of publication


Publication for comment (draft bill)

Published on the Department of Trade and Industry website

Explanatory Summary

Two versions published in the Government Gazette: GG 31104 of 30 May 2008

Parliamentary Documents
2007-03-16Briefing PaperDraft Companies Bill: Initial Briefing
2007-05-10Briefing PaperWorkshop on the Draft Companies Bill: dti Briefing
2008-06-25Briefing PaperDraft Companies Bill, 2008: Initial Briefing
2008-07-29Briefing PaperCompanies Bill [B61-2008]: Departmental Briefing
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Hermes
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Bowman Gilfillan
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: SAIFAC
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: IoD and King Committee
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Ernst & Young
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: KPMG
2008-08-11SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Law Society
2008-08-12SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Audit Committee Forum
2008-08-12SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: M&G Media, Who Owns Whom; CEJA
2008-08-12SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Deloitte & Touch
2008-08-12SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: PricewaterhouseCoopers
2008-08-12SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: SAPOA
2008-08-13SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: BUSA
2008-08-13SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Banking Association
2008-08-13SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: IRBA
2008-08-13SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: SAIPA (2)
2008-08-14SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: JSE
2008-08-19Briefing PaperDraft Revenue Laws Amendment Bills, 2008: Treasury Briefing
2008-08-20Policy DocumentLegal Opinion on the Recusal of Members of Parliament when considering a Bill before a Parliamentary Committee and the effect thereof when voting on the Bill
2008-08-20Briefing PaperCentre for Public Service Innovation
2008-08-20Briefing PaperHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Department's Response
2008-08-21SubmissionHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: COSATU
2008-08-21Briefing PaperHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Department's Response (2)
2008-08-22Policy DocumentHearings on Companies Bill [B61-2008]: Department's Response (3)
2008-10-15Briefing PaperCompanies Bill [B61B-2008]: Departmental Briefing
Further Information
Sabinet Monitoring Articles
Guidelines on Reinstating Companies Published2013-03-18
Companies Regulations Published in Gazette2011-04-28
Companies Act to Come Into Effect on 1 May 20112011-04-21
Draft Companies Regulations Released for Public Comment2010-11-30
CIPRO to Establish Companies and Intellectual Property Commission2010-11-02
Implementation of Key Business Laws Delayed2010-09-29
Trade and Industry Wants Companies Act in Effect by October2010-06-29
Companies Act Regulations Published for Public Comment2010-01-11
Companies Act Will Bring New Era of Director's Responsibility2009-04-20
Trade and Industry to Undertake Awareness Campaign on Companies Act2009-04-17
Trade and Industry Minister Provides Overview of Pending Corporate Legislation2008-11-27
Companies Bill approved by both houses of Parliament2008-10-20
Cosatu presents labour movements' views on corporate regulatory regime2008-08-22
Trade and Industry responds to salient points arising from public hearings on Companies Bill2008-08-22
Companies Bill: isolation of CCs could threaten small business2008-08-13
Companies Bill: general consensus emerging of acceptability2008-08-12
Companies Bill hearings evaluate effectiveness of business rescue provisions2008-08-11
Department of Trade and Industry provides overview on Companies Bill2008-07-28
New legislative framework for South African companies introduced2008-06-27
Public response to draft Companies Bill elicits further changes2008-06-25
Cabinet gives approval to bill overhauling Companies Act2008-05-19
New Companies Bill on track for tabling in early 20082007-08-12
DTI publishes long-awaited draft Companies Bill2007-02-13
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