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Zulu Outlines Socio-economic Interventions to Mitigate COVID-19

July 31, 2020

Department of Social Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the social development department with an opportunity to further develop municipal ward level programme planning and resource allocation.

The social development minister, Lindiwe Zulu, highlighted this in an executive statement to the national assembly on socioeconomic interventions to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Another lesson flowing from the pandemic is that social development can better deliver selected services by increasingly investing in data technologies and digitization.

The minister also declared that the “special COVID-19 SRD grant has uncovered the pitfalls of disjointedness and questionable integrity of the state’s databases”.

She added that the improvement of the special COVID-19 SRD grant will “mainly be premised on the integration of government’s service provision data ecosystem”.

The minister also referred to public discourse focused on “innovating sustainable social protection coverage solutions that are targeted at addressing poverty and inequality by developing our society: the world’s most unequal society!”

“Therefore, every South African must contribute towards meaningfully defining the paths that will engineer our society into the new normal wherein, as we envisaged in the National Development Plan (NDP), the social protection coverage is extended to the missing middle parts our population.”

The department calls on South Africans to propose solutions to the basic income grant proposal.

The minister also confirmed that, to date, the department has received 7.8 million COVID-19 SRD grant applications with payments made into the accounts of 5 million applicants.