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White Paper on National Transport Policy in Place

May 31, 2022

Department of Transport

The revised White Paper on National Transport Policy is in place.

The transport department published the White Paper in Government Gazette 46422.

The White Paper was published for comment in 2018.

At the time, the department described the White Paper as designed to “position transport as a means of improving South Africa’s competitiveness and that of its transport infrastructure and operations both locally and internationally”.

According to the transport minister, Fikile Mbalula, the White Paper is designed to shape the future of transport in South Africa.

“While the 1996 White Paper was the blue-print from which many policies, strategies and plans emerged, this revised policy framework becomes a lever to further illustrate government’s commitment to reflect on its activities, take corrective action and remain relevant to developments in the country, the region, the continent and the world”, he said.

The minister added that South Africa “plays a very important role in the region as a transit point for many landlocked countries and as a trade hub for exports and imports”.

“Our transport infrastructure and operations must be such that the country is competitive as we strive to reduce the cost of doing business”, he said.

The White Paper focuses on, inter alia, principal modes of transport; public transport and overarching transport issues.