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White Paper on Human Settlements in the Pipeline

May 6, 2016

Department of Human Settlements

The Draft White Paper on Sustainable Human Settlements is under construction.

The human settlements minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, revealed this during her department’s budget vote speech in parliament.

The minister stressed that her department was “forging ahead with the realignment of its policies to provide a better framework for the realisation of sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life”.

The draft white paper will propose amendments to the Housing Act of 1999.

It will also give effect to the principles prescribed in the Comprehensive Plan for Development of Human Settlements.

The minister added that the amended act, when promulgated, “will provide a foundation for the establishment of viable, socially and economically integrated communities located in areas that allow convenient access to economic opportunities and all essential amenities”.

In terms of social housing, the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) has been tasked with developing draft regulations and guidelines for managing social housing and community residential units.

“We are concerned that some of them are not maintained properly and we also believe that the management and maintenance of our growing rental and social housing stock can provide opportunities for young black business people who seek to enter the property market”.

The draft regulations and guidelines should be crafted by the end of 2016.