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White Paper on Human Settlements Imminent

May 8, 2015

Department of Human Settlements

A White Paper on Human Settlements will soon be released for public comment.

The human settlements minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, revealed this during her budget vote speech in parliament.

Some of the guiding principles for the white paper include:

• Restoring human dignity by building quality houses;
• Achieving value for money in the procurement process- transparent, effective and cost efficient;
• Implementing large projects to achieve economies of scale; and
• Encouraging beneficiaries to participate in their own development – skills transfer.

The minister also indicated that the department’s policy on hostels will be restructured.

The plan is to eventually do away with hostels altogether and provide hostel dwellers with a Breaking New Ground house or a CRU subsidy.

Upgraded hostels will be taken over by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority and managed as social housing projects.

The minister also announced that a partnership between her department and the Banking Association of South Africa was being developed. In this regard, a memorandum of understanding was being finalised that would result in the setting up of a working group focused on the housing market.

Its agenda would be to devise products that stimulate the housing market and facilitate new entrants.

A consultative workshop is planned before the end of June 2015 that will allow key stakeholders to brainstorm on ideas.

The tender system will also be reviewed to root out abuse, corruption and manipulation.