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Water Resources for Berg Catchment Under the Spotlight

May 14, 2019

Department of Water and Sanitation

14 May 2019

Proposed classes of water resources for the Berg Catchment have been published for comment.

The water and sanitation department published the Proposed Classes of Water Resource and Resource Quality Objectives for the Berg Catchment in Government Gazette 42451.

The proposed classes and objectives were published in terms of the National Water Act.

They apply to the Berg-Olifants Water Management Area.

The Water Resource Classification System is designed to ensure the ecological sustainability of significant water resources by taking into consideration the social and economic needs of competing interests of those who rely on the water resources.

The proposed water resource classes for the Berg Catchment are listed in Table 1 according to the overall class per integrated unit of analysis (IUA).

IUAs are classified as either Class I indicating high environmental protection and minimal utilisation; Class II indicating moderate protection and moderate utilization and Class III indicating sustainable minimal protection and high utilisation.

Detail on resource quality objectives covers rivers, estuaries, dams and groundwater.

Comment is invited within 60 days of the date of publication.