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Water Measuring Devices Under the Spotlight

January 23, 2020

Department of Water and Sanitation

23 January 2020

Water users who are not members of an Irrigation Board or Water Users Association have been instructed to install water measuring devices at their own expense.

The water and sanitation department made the call in Government Gazette 42956.

The measuring devices are for all water taken for commercial irrigation purposes.

According to the notice, efficient water use is important to ensure sustainability of use.

The devices must be in place within 30 days of the date of publication.

The selection, installation, operation and maintenance of water measuring devices needs to comply with regulations published in 2017 in terms of the National Water Act.

The regulations prescribed requirements and procedures to be followed to measure the water taken from water resources, including in-stream dams, by water users who are required to measure the water that they take for irrigation purposes.

Water users are also required to submit water measurement records on a monthly basis.

The list of water management areas is provided.