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Updated Refugee Appeal Board Rules Commence

December 9, 2013

Department of Home Affairs

The Refugee Appeal Board Rules (2013) which deal with requirements and procedures for lodging appeals with the board have been published in terms of the Refugees Act (1998).

In terms of the rules an appeal must be lodged by an asylum seeker within 30 days of receipt of a letter of rejection from the refugee status determination officer.

The appeal clerk is then required to submit a notice of appeal and relevant documents to the appeal board within 10 days.

The appeal board is required to provide 10 days notice to the appellant of an appeal board hearing and a refugee appellant is entitled to representation from an advocate, attorney or a candidate attorney.

The rules also refer to the conduct of proceedings at hearings, closed proceedings, subpoena of witnesses and consolidated hearings.

The prescribed formats including those for notices of appeal and hearings are included in the publication of the rules.

The rules commenced on the day of publication in notice 955 Gazette 37122 on 6 December 2013.