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UIF to Continue Processing New Claims for April and May

August 5, 2020

Department of Employment and Labour

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is to continue processing new claims for April and May until a cut-off date is announced.

The employment and labour department announced this in a statement on the agreement by the department and Nedlac social partners to extend the 14-day window period for April/May Coronavirus COVID-19 TERS claims.

“This is in line with the agreement reached by Nedlac social partners that new applications made for the April/May period should still be processed and that there will be a 14-day notice window period, still to be announced, given to employers and employees before applications will close to submit these applications.”

The department confirmed that the Fund is focused on ensuring that all valid Covid-19 TERS Benefits claims for April, May and June are settled and sorted out as it gears up to open the system for the new extended period of six weeks ending on August 15, 2020.

Up to now, R 37 billion for 693 561 applications benefitting 8.3 million workers has been paid out.