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Transport Appeal Tribunal Seeks Members

August 20, 2019

Department of Transport

20 August 2019

Nominees eligible for appointment as members of the Transport Appeal Tribunal have been listed.

The transport department published the list of nominees in Government Gazette 42651.

The Tribunal was set up in terms of the Transport Appeal Tribunal Act.

It is tasked with considering appeals in terms of the act, direction or decision.

Tribunal members serve a three-year term.

Comment on the proposed appointment of the listed nominees is invited.

No timeframe for comment is provided.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department has welcomed the recent signing into law of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Amendment Bill.

“The Department of Transport welcomes the President’s signing of the bill and look forward to continuing the process of rolling it out throughout the country.”

Provisions in the bill highlighted by the department include the points demerit system, common penalties, electronic service, Infringement Appeals Tribunal, repeal of court elections and Driver Rehabilitation Programmes.

The AARTO Amendment Act will come into effect on a date still to be determined by the president.