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Tourism Safety Strategy on Track

September 2, 2019

Department of Tourism

2 September 2019

The proposed Tourism Safety Strategy aims to foster a public-private sector partnership in order to address issues of tourism safety in a more coordinated manner so as to provide an enhanced visitor experience.

The tourism department emphasized this during a briefing on the envisaged strategy in parliament.

The portfolio committee on tourism held a Joint Consultative Workshop on Tourist Safety and Security in South Africa.

Objectives of the strategy include setting out the short, medium and long-term tourism safety priorities; empowering all spheres of government, tourism stakeholders and other relevant stakeholders to set up and coordinate a partnership-based approach to tourist safety and incident management initiatives; identifying effective joint preventative approaches designed to reduce opportunities for crime on tourist facilities and operations and facilitating integrated implementation and support of safety programmes.

The strategy focuses on three broad themes, namely, proactive measures, responsive measures and after-care programme.

Proactive measures include hotspot identification and analysis; visible policing; Tourism Monitors Programme; database of crime against tourists; Tourism Safety Initiative App/National Tourism Hotline and facilitating setting up of the Provincial Tourism Safety Forum.

The department also pointed out that the Communication Protocol will “provide guidelines on how to respond to various issues or crisis situations which may arise and which may directly or indirectly have a negative effect on tourism and the country”.

A number of countries issued travel advisories against South Africa between Oct 2018 and Aug 2019, namely, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, UK, Netherlands, Germany and France.

In August, the department indicated that the launch of the strategy was imminent.