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Tourism Department Draws Up Language Policy

December 9, 2015

Department of Tourism

The official language policy for the tourism department is now in place.

Published in Government Gazette 39475, the policy was drawn up in terms of the Use of Official Languages Act.

The department has chosen English, Sepedi and IsiZulu as the three official languages for government purposes.

Use of a particular language, practicality, expense and regional circumstances will be taken into consideration when choosing which language to use in each situation and/or context.

English will be used as the department’s business language while requests to provide translation or interpretation services in any language other than the official languages will be dealt with in ten days.

The same time frame will apply for requests for sign language interpretation services or the conversion of text into Braille.

A complaints mechanism is also set down.

Some of the requirements include complaints to be in writing, to be lodged within three months of the complaint arising and a full and detailed description of the complaint to be provided.