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Third Phase of COVID-19 Relief Fund for Sports, Arts and Culture Launched

February 9, 2021

Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

The Third Phase of the Covid-19 Relief Fund for the sports, arts and culture sector has been launched.

In a statement, the sports, arts and culture department pointed out that the third phase is designed as an “intervention to aid the plight of artists affected by this pandemic that is taking lives and livelihoods, compromising the dignity of practitioners and preventing them from fully living out their passion within the arts…”.

The department indicated that the third phase takes cognisance of the identified challenges of the first and second phases.

In terms of the first and second phases, the department confirmed that approximately 5 000 practitioners were paid out over R80 million in the first phase and over R2 million was paid out in the second phase.

3,658 practitioners also benefitted from the Solidarity Fund with a total of nearly R3 million paid out and, via the department’s partnership with the small business development department, over R5 million was paid out to practitioners within the sector with a further R13 million to be disbursed by the end of March 2021.

The department also announced that an implementation plan for an Artist Wellness Programme to deal with the “emotional and psychological impact of their challenges” as well as other interventions such as personal or business financial management, legal support and lifestyle management was being drawn up.

“Creatives, event organisers, athletes, coaches, technical personnel and other practitioners who do not solely rely on the income earned from participating in creative, cultural and/or sport events are excluded from applying for the 3rd phase of relief funding.”

All successful applicants will receive not less than R10 000 once off.