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Statutory Measure on Pomegranates in Place

December 13, 2019

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

13 December 2019

A statutory measure and determination of levies on pomegranates and pomegranate products is in place.

The agriculture, land reform and rural development department published the statutory measure in Government Gazette 42903.

It was drawn up in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.

The statutory measure is designed to provide a levy to the Pomegranate Association of South Africa (POMASA) to fund research projects; information and technology transfer; plant improvement functions and certification; market information and statistics; communication; trade and market access; and transformation and training in the pomegranate industry.

The levy for fresh extra class and class 1- export, import and all local sales – stands at 15c/kg for 2020 and 9c/kg for processing class and class 2 – export, import and all local sales.

The statutory measure kicks in on the date of publication and lapses four years later.

The department also published two other statutory measures in terms of the act:

• Notice 1652 – establishment of statutory measure: registration of producers, exporters and processors of pomegranates – producers, exporters, importers of pomegranates and/or processors of pomegranates to register with POMASA.
• Notice 1653 – establishment of statutory measure: records and returns relating to trees as well as production & marketing information of pomegranates – producers, exporters and processors of pomegranates to keep records and render returns to POMASA.