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Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement in Place

September 16, 2015

Construction Industry Development Board

The Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement has been published in Government Gazette 39204.

The standard was drawn up by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

It is designed to put requirements for procurement within the construction industry in place in order to standardise procurement documentation, practices and procedures.

The standard also focuses on solicitation of tender offers, quality, procurement documents and applying the CIDB register of contractors to public contracts.

A number of annexures are listed including best practice guidelines, standard tender notice and invitation to tender, form of offer and acceptance, standard conditions of tender, selection of sub-contractors by employers and contractors and a compulsory enterprise questionnaire.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 39204, the public works department has published the CIDB’s best practice contractor recognition scheme.

The Construction Industry Development Board Act mandates the CIDB to set up and maintain a best practice contractor recognition scheme that promotes contractor development and monitors contractor performance.

In terms of the CIDB Best Practice Contractor Recognition Scheme, the Board has identified
the following best practices:

• CIDB Competence Standard for Contractors (Gazette Notice 39074 of 7 August 2015);
• CIDB Best Practice; Construction Management Systems (Gazette Notice 39101 of 14
August 2015);
• CIDB Best Practice: Specification for a Fraud and Corruption Management System
(Gazette Notice 39074 of 7 August 2015);
• CIDB Standard for Contractor Performance Reports (Grades 2 to 9) (Gazette Notice
36760 of 23 August 2013).

The best practices applied from 21 August 2015.