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Sports Broadcasting Services Regulations Amended

April 6, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

Sports Broadcasting Services Regulations have been amended.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 44372.

A new Regulation 5 on listed national sporting events is inserted outlining which sporting events may be broadcast live, delayed live, or delayed by free-to-air Broadcasting Service Licensees.

Sporting events include Africa Cup of Nations; Commonwealth Games; Currie Cup; FIFA World Cup; ICC Cricket World Cup; MTN 8; Paralympics; Rugby World Cup and Summer Olympic Games.

A new Regulation 7 on review of listed events is also inserted.

It stipulates that a national sporting event may be removed from or added to the list subject to conditions including following the publication, on such date as determined by ICASA, of the current list for public comment; an application by an interested stakeholder, with reasons, provided in support of such application, to ICASA to add or remove a national sporting event and following a review of the Regulations in terms of section 4 of the Electronic Communications Act.

The list of national sporting events is to be reviewed every five years.

Contravention of the Regulations can result in a fine not exceeding R1 000 000.

The amended Regulations came into effect on the date of publication.

In Gazette 44373, ICASA announced that the Regulations on the Use of Television White Spaces 2018 are now in force.
ICASA added that interested Wireless Internet Service Providers and users of Television White Spaces who meet minimum requirements may contact the qualified S-GLSD service prover for subscription to use the S-GSLD service.