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Special Paper on Eskom on Track

October 7, 2019

The Presidency

7 October 2019

The Special Paper on Eskom is close to completion and will be announced soon.

The presidency confirmed this in a statement following a monthly meeting of the Presidential Working Committee on the Jobs Summit.

The presidency also announced that the roadmap to ensure Eskom’s sustainability going forward will be finalised soon.

The Presidential Working Committee consists of senior leadership of the various Nedlac constituencies.

Social partners at the meeting emphasized that “both the Special Paper on Eskom and the Integrated Resource Plan were necessary so that long-term investment decisions can be made”.

The meeting noted substantial progress made in reforming and modernizing South Africa’s visa regime, issuing water use licences, releasing broadband spectrum, saving jobs in distressed firms and improving electricity supply.

The home affairs department will, in November, undertake a pilot scheme for the issuing of e-visas, “which applicants will be able to access online, eliminating the need for applicants to visit South African missions abroad”.

Social partners also called on the Independent Communications Authority to speed up the process of auctioning and allocating high-demand broadband spectrum.

The Committee also noted that deadlines for the issuing of water use licences had been reduced.

“Government is working on ensuring that these licences are issued within 60 days for agriculture, 80 to 95 days for infrastructure projects from state-owned enterprises and municipalities, and 120 days for mining”.

The Committee also wants the implementation of an export tax on scrap metal to be concluded within the next four months.