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South African Post Office Bill in the Pipeline

April 22, 2022

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies

Draft legislation designed to repurpose post office infrastructure in order to provide diversified and expanded services has been drawn up.

The communications and digital technologies department published the Draft South African Post Office SOC Ltd Amendment Bill in Government Gazette 46250 for comment.

The draft bill aims to amend the South African Post Office SOC Ltd Act, 2011, so as to:

  • provide for the revised duties and expand on the mandate of the South African Post Office as provided for in this Act and the Postal Services Act, 1998;
  • provide for the repurposing of the Post Office infrastructure so as to provide diversified and expanded services and exploit the infrastructure capacity to extract value and forge partnerships with other stakeholders;
  • provide for the revised governance structure of South African Post Office;
  • provide for the establishment, appointment and functions of the Stamp Advisory Committee; and
  • provide for matters connected therewith.

The proposed legislation seeks to amend Section 2 of the act by including reference to expanding the objects and mandate of the post office to include services that respond to the needs of users and customers.

The draft bill also calls for government institutions including national and provincial departments, national and provincial government components and municipalities to utilise the post office and its infrastructure for service delivery and “set-aside certain services to be provided by the Post Office to assist in eliminating over-reliance on government funding by the Post Office”.

Functions of the proposed Stamp Advisory Committee include advising the Board on the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a philatelic strategy; advising on events and themes that can be celebrated on stamps; assisting in identifying, articulating and prioritising themes for the annual stamp programme and commemorative stamps and encouraging and facilitating stakeholder participation in the development of themes for the annual stamp programme.

Comment is invited within 30 calendar days of the date of publication.