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South African Petroleum Industry Association Designation Extended

January 9, 2020

Department of Economic Development

9 January 2020

The designation of the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) in terms of section 10 (3)(b)(iv) of the Competition Act has been extended.

The economic development department published the extension notice in Government Gazette 42918.

The section deals with exemptions from Chapter 2 of the act on prohibited practices.

SAPIA is a voluntary association founded in July 1994 by Chevron South Africa, Engen Limited, Shell South Africa, Total South Africa and BP South Africa.

The designation of SAPIA has been extended until 31 December 2020.

It enables the industry to continue coordination between industry stakeholders to ensure security of liquid fuels supply to the local economy.

The extension applied from 1 January 2020.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 42927, the trade and industry department published draft standards for comment.

The proposed standards were published in terms of the Standards Act.

Draft standards include cosmetics-microbiology-enumeration of yeast and mould; the wiring of premises part 1: low-voltage installations; power transformers part 11: dry-type transformers; stationary source emissions- manual determination of mass concentration of particulate matter and vehicle security.

New standards include rotating electrical machines – part 32: measurement of stator end-winding vibration at form-wound windings; textiles-care labelling code using symbols and energy management systems-requirements with guidance for use.