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Social Housing Regulatory Authority Draws Up Accreditation Rules

October 6, 2016

Department of Human Settlements

The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) has drawn up rules relating to the accreditation of social housing institutions.

Published in Government Gazette 40312 by the human settlements department, the rules outline processes and procedures for the accreditation of social housing institutions and provide an overview of the SHRA’s approach to the accreditation of social housing institutions.

The Social Housing Act mandates the SHRA to “invest in and regulate the social housing sector and deliver affordable rental homes and renew communities through provision of affordable rental solutions in integrated urban environments through sustainable institutions”.

The accreditation process ensures that the provision of quality social housing is consistent with applicable social housing principles, norms and standards.

The social housing programme is designed to achieve spatial, economic and social integration of the urban environments in South Africa.

Restructuring zones are identified and demarcated within which social housing development takes place. The Restructuring Capital Grant is used to meet these objectives.

Full and conditional accreditation is available. Conditional accreditation is a temporary status given to institutions that have not met all the criteria for full accreditation.

In order to qualify for conditional accreditation, institutions need to display the ability to ensure the protection of public funds and targeted beneficiaries’ interests, or those of the public.

The SHRA provides support to institutions that are conditionally accredited to help them meet the objectives of full accreditation.

The rules focus on, inter alia:

• Accreditation background;
• Institutions subject to accreditation;
• Accreditation process;
• Accreditation criteria;
• Decision on accreditation;
• Issuing of accreditation certificate;
• Re-application for criteria;
• Withdrawal of accreditation; and
• Review process.