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Sectional Titles Regulations Tweaked

July 3, 2015

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

The title deed of any real right registered over land is to now be included within the sectional titles register.

The requirement is contained in amendments to the Sectional Titles Regulations published in Government Gazette 38923.

All documents and correspondence to be placed in a sectional title file must now be endorsed with a deeds registry date endorsement upon filing.

Reference to trusts has been added to the section on registration of transfer of ownership.

Amendments have also been introduced to the section dealing with exclusive use areas.

A number of new forms have also been added to annexure 1.

Annexure 8 also gets a new rule on nominations.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 38922, the rural development and land reform department has also published amendments to deeds registries regulations.

Amendments are made to regulations 28, 39, 44A, 45, 52, 68, 73 and 74.

Both sets of regulations come into force one month after the date of publication in the Gazette.