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Sectional Titles Act Regulations Amended

July 31, 2018

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Sectional Titles Act Regulations have been amended.

The rural development and land reform department published the amendments in Government Gazette 41798.

A new regulation is inserted.

Regulation 15A focuses on the amendment or withdrawal of unregistered sectional plan.

Sectional plans can only be amended prior to registration by the Surveyor-General.

The amendments also stipulate that a draft sectional plan can only be amended and initialled by the land surveyor or architect who prepared such a plan.

Sectional plans can also be withdrawn prior to the registration thereof by the Surveyor-General at the written request of the architect or land surveyor concerned or the owner of the land.

A new form D on Sectional Title File is added to the regulations.

The amendments come into effect one month from the date of publication.