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Sea-Based Abalone Ranching Under the Spotlight

June 2, 2021

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

Applications for a right to conduct sea-based abalone ranching in the area between Doringbay and Strandfontein Bay in the Western Cape have been invited.

The forestry, fisheries and the environment department invited applications in Government Gazette 44636 in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act.

According to the department, only one right to conduct ranching is available for the area.

The process governing the application process is set down.

Applications are invited until 28 June 2021.

Meanwhile, speaking at the launch of the Status of Biological Invasions and their Management in South Africa (SBIMSA) in 2019 Report, the forestry, fisheries and the environment minister, Barbara Creecy, emphasized that biological invasions are the third largest threat to South Africa’s biodiversity after cultivation and land degradation, and are responsible for 25% of all biodiversity loss.

In a statement, the department pointed out that “scientific research has shown that one of the key factors driving the accelerated decline of biodiversity is the invasion of alien species”.

The minister declared that there was a need to cut through red tape and the silos of different government departments “so that we deal with this through a common national approach”.

A policy on the management of biological invasions is being drafted.

The department pointed out that its implementation will be supported by a 10-year National Invasive Species Strategy and Action Plan.

“The aim of the strategy is to facilitate a cohesive and collaborative approach by government, industry and the broader community in identifying and managing biosecurity risks. It will soon be published for public comment and input.”