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Schedule 1 to Public Service Act Amended

June 27, 2019

The Presidency

27 June 2019

Schedule 1 to the Public Service Act has been amended.

The presidency published the proclamation in Government Gazette 42542.

The act provides for the organisation and administration of the public service, the regulation of the conditions of employment, terms of office, discipline, retirement and discharge of members of the public service.

The amendments flow from section 7(5)(a) of the act.

The section empowers the president to amend Schedule 1 in order to establish or abolish any national department, designate such department and the head thereof or amend any such designation.

The new Schedule 1 reflects the recent changes to national departments as announced by president Ramaphosa earlier this month.

New departments include Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Communications and Digital Technologies, Mineral Resources and Energy, Trade, Industry and Competition and Sports, Arts and Culture.