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Schedule 1 to Natural Scientific Professions Act Amended

January 27, 2020

Department of Science and Innovation

27 January 2020

Schedule 1 to the Natural Scientific Professions Act has been amended.

The science and innovation department published the revised Schedule 1 in Government Gazette 42967.

The act set up the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions and provided for the registration of professional, candidate and certificated natural scientists.

Measurement science is added to the list of fields of practice.

According to the notice, it can be included as a sub-field of practice under any appropriate field of practice in natural science.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department announced that the Mandela Mining Precinct is working on an innovation to improve safety and efficiency in the mining sector.

The Mandela Mining Precinct, a public-private collaboration between the department and the Minerals Council South Africa, is hosted and managed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

The Real-Time Information Management Systems (RTIMS) programme aims to “reduce risks by developing a 360-degree holistic offering to digitalise the South African mining industry”.

“Digitalisation enables the right information to reach the right place or person at the right time, with RTIMS collecting and relaying information digitally between tagged equipment and people underground and above ground, ensuring ongoing communication for improved efficiency and safety.”

RTIMS will, via a host of applications, get data to the surface and analyse it to ensure that appropriate action is taken.