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Salaries for Public Office Bearers Set Down

December 13, 2018

The Presidency

The total remuneration for the deputy president has been set at R2 825 470 for 2018/19.

The presidency published the annual salary in Government Gazette 42107.

The salary remains unchanged from the previous year.

Ministers will also continue to receive R2 401 633 per annum while deputy ministers will be paid R1 977 795 for 2018/19.

Meanwhile, in Proclamation 38, the presidency has published the salaries for members of the national assembly (NA) and permanent delegates to the national council of provinces (NCOP).

The speaker of the NA and the chairperson of the NCOP will both earn R2 825 470 for 2018/19 while a member of the NA and a permanent delegate to the NCOP will each earn R1 106 940 per annum.

Proclamation 39 sets out the salaries for premiers, members of the executive councils and members of the provincial legislatures.

Premiers will be paid R2 260 409 for 2018/19 while a member of a provincial legislature will earn R1 071 351.

Notice 1379 contains detail on the salaries of Constitutional Court judges and judges.

The chief justice will earn R2 896 107 in 2018/19 while high court judges will be paid R1 882 486 per annum.

In Notice 1380, the salaries for magistrates are set down.

A special grade chief magistrate will earn R1 436 913 and magistrates R971 649 for 2018/19.