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Rules for Civil Aviation Appeals Committee Drawn Up

October 21, 2019

Department of Transport

21 October 2019

Rules regulating the conduct of the proceedings of the civil aviation appeals committee have been drawn up.

The transport department published the Rules Regulating the Conduct of the Proceedings of the Appeals Committee in Government Gazette 42773.

According to the notice, the rules are designed to “promote access to justice and to ensure that any person who feels aggrieved by the administrative decision of the Director of Civil Aviation is afforded the opportunity to have his or her matter adjudicated upon by the Appeal Committee”.

Detail is provided on the jurisdiction of the appeal committee; lodging of appeal; rules relating to pleadings generally; service of process, notices and other documents; discovery of documents; subpoena; hearing; decision; record of proceedings; adjournment and postponement; non-appearance of a party; representation of parties; urgent appeals; amendment of pleadings; filing, preparation and inspection of documents and amendment of rules.

Appeals must be lodged within 30 days after receipt of the reasons for a decision.

The Appeals Committee must make a decision within 21 days.

The parties or the Appeals Committee may agree to adjourn or postpone the hearing of an appeal either on application or request or by the committee’s decision.

The rules came into effect on the date of publication.