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Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill Rejected

September 8, 2020


The national assembly has rejected the Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill.

The bill was tabled in parliament in June 2017 and lapsed at the end of the 5th parliament.

The NA revived the bill in October 2019.

It sought to provide a social security scheme for the victims of road accidents.

A Road Accident Benefit Scheme Administrator would have been set up to implement and run the scheme.

The proposed legislation also aimed to provide a set of defined benefits on a no-fault basis for injury or death arising from car accidents.

Some of the challenges the bill intended addressing include the introduction of a no-fault approach to compensation in response to problems identified with the current fault-based approach.

The adoption of a no-fault basis would also have helped to expand and improve access to benefits.

The transport department wanted the bill to improve and simplify claims procedures.

The procedure for claiming benefits was set down as well as the obligations of the claimant and beneficiary.

The portfolio committee on transport, in its report, holds the view that amendments to the Road Accident Fund Act of 1996 may be more prudent at this time.