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Restricted Land Ownership on the Cards

May 26, 2017

The Presidency

Government wants to restrict land ownership in South Africa to 12 000 hectares per person.

President Zuma announced this during his State of the Nation Address in parliament last night.

The president also added that the 50/50 policy framework that proposes relative rights for people who live and work on farms was under consideration.

He added that 50 farming enterprises would be identified as a pilot project.

The president also declared that foreign nationals would not be allowed to own land in South Africa in future but would have to enter into long-term leases.

This would be one of the provisions in the Regulation of Land Holdings Bill to be tabled in parliament in 2015.

The president also made reference to the Office of the Valuer-General, currently in the process of being set up.

The Property Valuation Act, signed in 2014, called for the establishment of the Office to deal with constraints to land reform arising from the willing-buyer-willing-seller principle.

According to president Zuma, the pending launch of the Office of the Valuer-General will “stop the reliance on the Willing Buyer-Willing Seller method in respect of land acquisition by the state”.