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Rental Housing Tribunal Regulations Drawn Up

March 24, 2022

Department of Human Settlements

Draft Rental Housing Act Regulations have been drawn up.

The human settlements department published the Draft Rental Housing Tribunal Regulations in Government Gazette 46063 for comment.

The Rental Housing Act of 1999 sought to define the responsibility of government in respect of rental housing property; create mechanisms to promote the provision of rental housing property; promote access to adequate housing through creating mechanisms to ensure the proper functioning of the rental housing market; make provision for the establishment of Rental Housing Tribunals; define the functions, powers and duties of such Tribunals; lay down general principles governing conflict resolution in the rental housing sector; provide for the facilitation of sound relations between tenants and landlords and for this purpose to lay down general requirements relating to leases; repeal the Rent Control Act, 1976; and provide for matters connected therewith.

The Draft Regulations focus on complaints procedure; leases; other losses emanating from lease; mediation, tribunal and appeals; applications, appeals and review; landowners and tenant relations and norms and standards in respect of premises designated for residential rental purposes.

Comment is invited within 60 days of the date of publication.