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Removal of Chapter 9 Office Bearers Rules on Track

September 23, 2019


23 September 2019

The Subcommittee on the Review of the National Assembly Rules has referred principles on the Removal of Chapter 9 Institution Office Bearers to parliament’s administration for consideration.

In a statement, parliament confirmed that the principles discussed will be incorporated in draft rules to be considered at the subcommittee’s next meeting scheduled for October 2019.

Once the subcommittee has reached agreement on the guidelines, recommendations will be presented to the National Assembly Rules Committee which, in turn, will submit its recommendations to a plenary sitting of the house for approval/adoption.

The proposed rules focus on a section 194 enquiry dealing with the removal from office of the Public Protector, the Auditor-General or a member of a commission established by Chapter 9 of the Constitution.

The subcommittee agreed that the grounds for removal needed to be clearly defined.

Proposals focus on four stages for a section 194 process in Parliament including the initiation, preliminary assessment of evidence, inquiry by a committee and a decision by the house.