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Regulations on Unprofessional Conduct by Health Practitioners Amended

February 26, 2020

Department of Health

Regulations governing inquiries into alleged unprofessional conduct by health practitioners have been amended.

The health department published amendments to the Regulations Relating to the Conduct of Inquiries into Alleged Unprofessional Conduct in Government Gazette 43035.

The regulations are drawn up in terms of the Health Professions Act.

A definition on “address” is inserted into regulation 1 indicating that the e-mail addresses of practitioners must be on the record of the Health Professions Council of South Africa and can be used for communication purposes with practitioners.

Regulation 6 is also amended by removing the need for one legal assessor on the professional conduct committee.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the portfolio committee on health has announced the conclusion of the first phase of public participation on the National Health Insurance Bill.

According to the committee, the first phase included extensive public hearings in all nine provinces with a minimum three public hearings per province.

The committee plans to now engage stakeholders and organisations that made written submissions to it.

The committee is still to decide on when the second phase will commence and how it will unfold.

Once a decision is made it will be communicated extensively.