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Regulations on Agricultural Remedy Drawn Up

June 22, 2021

Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

Draft Regulations Regarding Agricultural Remedy have been drawn up.

The agriculture, land reform and rural development department published the Draft Regulations in Government Gazette 44726 for comment.

The proposed Regulations were drafted in terms of the Fertilizer, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedy and Stock Remedy Act.

The draft Regulations focus on product classes, registration, period of validity and renewal, labelling and container, importation of agricultural remedy into Republic, manufacturing establishments, advertising of agricultural remedy, sale of agricultural remedy, disposal of agricultural remedy, returns to be furnished, sampling and permissible deviations and appeal against the decision of the Registrar.

Product classes include household, commercial and restricted.

Certificates of registration will be valid for three years from date of issue and can be renewed for another three years.

No agricultural remedy can be distributed or sold without the original label.

Comment is invited within 60 days of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 44724, the Agency for Food Safety published inspection fees for poultry meat, eggs and processed meat products.

The Agency has been designated as assignee in terms of the Agricultural Product Standards Act with respect to regulated animal products (i.e. poultry meat and eggs) and processed meat products.

The fees are valid from 1 April 2020.