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Reasons Document on Broadband Wireless Access Services Released

December 8, 2020

Independent Communications Authority

The Reasons Document relating to the Invitation to Apply (ITA) on the licensing process for international mobile telecommunications in respect of mobile broadband wireless access services for urban and rural areas has been released.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the Reasons Document in Government Gazette 43970.

The mobile broadband wireless access services will use the complimentary bands, IMT700, IMT800, IMT2600 and IMT3500.

The Reasons Document outlines the reasons for ICASA’s decisions with respect to the written representations received and the work that ICASA has done towards finalising the ITA.

The document focuses on information memorandum representations, consideration of the policy on high demand spectrum and policy direction on the licensing of a Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN) and spectrum valuation: derivation of reserve prices.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 43968, ICASA published the Reasons Document on the Information Memorandum Public Representations for the WOAN.

The Information Memorandum was published in November 2019 designed to outline ICASA’s intention with regards to the licensing process for International Mobile Telecommunications spectrum pursuant to considerations of the Policy on High Demand Spectrum and Policy Direction on the Licensing of a WOAN.

The Reasons Document provides a summary of ICASA’s position on the representations received that provides for how ICASA incorporated the public representations in drafting the ITA for the I-ECNS and Radio Frequency Spectrum Licensing of a WOAN.

In Gazette 43962, ICASA announced public hearings on the Draft Findings Document on the Inquiry into Subscription Television Broadcasting Services.

The Draft Findings Document was published for comment in 2019.

The hearings, to be conducted in a hybrid model by way of face-to-face and virtually, are scheduled for 12-15 January 2021.