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Reopening of National Archives to Follow Phased Process

September 18, 2020

Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

The re-opening of National Archives will follow a phased process to allow for effective management of risk.

The sports, arts and culture department, in a statement, added that plans should “anticipate the possibility of having to adapt or withdraw access again, should the Department of Health and government guidance require it”.

The National Archives were opened on 16 September 2020.

The department pointed out that the reopening will take a “risk-managed approach, recognising individual archive service situations”.

The phased in process will adhere to COVID-19 regulations and ensure that protocols are enforced.

The reopening will “take into account the public health guidance and conservation needs, and not put staff, volunteers, users or other site visitors at risk”.

The department also indicated that reduced opening hours and increased restrictions on access was anticipated as part of the reopening.

“It may be some time before a full service can re-open and the effective management of storage spaces will continue to be important.”