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Railway Safety Permit Fees Adjusted

May 20, 2020

Department of Transport

Adjusted railway safety permit fees are in place.

The transport department published the revised fees in Government Gazette 43316 in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act.

Some of the application fees for a general safety permit payable to the Railway Safety Regulator include R59 093 for transportation of mining goods for Group A operators, R19 363 for transportation of dangerous goods for Group B operators and R3 493 for transportation of passengers or general freight for Group C operators.

Group A operators will pay R135 578 for a temporary safety permit, Group B operators R88 126 for a construction train safety permit and Group C operators R54 232 for a test and commissioning safety permit.

Permit fee rates for non-rail-related and rail-related revenue generating train operators, network operators and station operators are also set down.

The annual fees came into force on 1 April 2020 and apply until 31 March 2021.