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RAF Adjusts Emergency Medical Treatment Tariff

May 27, 2019

Department of Transport

27 May 2019

The Road Accident Fund’s emergency medical treatment tariff has been adjusted.

In a notice published in Government Gazette 42474, the tariff has now been increased by 5.7%.

It applies retrospectively from 1 April 2019.

The adjustment applies only to those claims that have not been settled as from 24 May 2019.

Section 17(4B)(b) of the Road Accident Fund Act provides for the medical tariff.

It refers to the tariff for emergency medical treatment as provided by a health care provider to victims of car accidents.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 42475, the department has called for comment on draft amendments to the Civil Aviation Regulations.

The proposed amendments were drawn up in terms of the Civil Aviation Act and on the recommendation of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee.

Amendments are proposed to Part 1 on (Definitions and Abbreviations) and Part 141 on (Aviation Training Organisations).

Amendments to the Technical Standards are also on the cards.

Draft amendments include to SA CATS 91 (General Aviation and Operating Flight Rules), SA CATS 121 (Air Transport Operations – Carriage on Aeroplanes of more than 19 Passengers or Cargo) and SA CATS 135 (Air Transport Operations – Carriage of less than 20 Passengers or Cargo).

Comment is invited until 24 June 2019.