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Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute Seeks Members

November 26, 2019

Department of Energy

26 November 2019

The Board of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute (NRWDI) seeks members.

The energy department published the call for nominations on its website.

According to the department, the NRWDI is a public entity established in terms of section 3 of the National Radioactive Disposal Institute Act of 2008.

Its functions include, inter alia, the design and implementation of disposal solutions of all classes of radioactive waste and to manage, operate and monitor waste disposal facilities.

The NRWDI must also maintain a national radioactive waste database, manage ownerless radioactive waste, implement control over closed repositories and advise nationally on radioactive waste management.

Disciplines or areas of expertise of candidates sought by the department include Nuclear Science, Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Medicine; Radiation Sciences, Radiation Technology and Radiation Protection; Nuclear Analytical and Calibration Services; Radiation Protection and Corporate Governance.

Nominations are invited until 2 December 2019.

They can be sent to SOE@energy.gov.za.