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Radio Frequency Spectrum for KCAAA Drawn Up

August 30, 2021

Department of Science and Innovation

The revised radio frequency spectrum exempted for use within the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Area (KCAAA) has been drawn up.

The science and innovation department published the revised spectrum in Government Gazette 45045 in terms of the Astronomy Geographic Advantage Act.

The exempted frequency spectrum was published in 2019.

In December 2020, the period for compliance with the Regulations for the Protection of the KCAAA was extended to 15 December 2021.

The Regulations prohibit the use of the radio frequency spectrum from 100MHz to 25 500 MHz (25.5 GHz) within the KCAAA.

According to the department, the radio frequency spectrum exempted from the prohibition as outlined in the schedule may only be used if a permit has been issued in terms of Regulation 4 of Schedule B of the KCAAA Regulations.

Revised radio frequency spectrum bands exempted include the band between 100 MHz to 200 MHz; all uplink frequency bands for mobile services and all space-to-earth frequency bands.

All licensees and licence exempt operators who conduct radio transmissions within the KCAAAs other than those exempted in terms of Regulation 5 of Schedule A of the KCAAA Regulations are required to apply for a permit from the Astronomy Management Authority in order to continue operating within the KCAAAs.