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Radio Frequency Migration Plan Under the Spotlight

October 5, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) seeks comment on the Inquiry for the implementation of the Radio Frequency Migration Plan and of the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Roadmap.

The call for comment was published in Government Gazette 45247.

According to ICASA, the aim of the Inquiry is to determine the current use and usage of the frequency bands in order to develop an implementation plan regarding the Radio Frequency Migration Plans, IMT Roadmap and the frequencies identified for migration during the development of the National Radio Frequency Plan of 2018, as well as the implementation plan thereof, through the development and amendment of new and existing Radio Frequency Assignment Plans to achieve global harmonisation of Standards and Systems.

Comment is invited until 3 December 2021.

Other notices include:

• Gazette 25450 – list of class licensees in terms of section 16(5) of the Electronic Communications Act, 2005 and unreserved postal service certificates;
• Gazette 45255 – information memorandum to advise the public on the process in respect of the licensing of international mobile telecommunications (IMT) for the provision of mobile broadband wireless access services for urban and rural areas using the complimentary bands, IMT700, IMT800, IMT2600 and IMT3500, and Individual Electronic Communications Network Services (I-ECNS) and radio frequency spectrum licence for the purpose of operating a Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN) – comment until 1 November 2021.