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Public Works and Infrastructure Bill in the Pipeline

June 2, 2022

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure

A Draft Public Works and Infrastructure Bill is in the pipeline.

The public works and infrastructure department confirmed this in a recent briefing in parliament on its legislative process.

The department informed the portfolio committee on public works and infrastructure that further engagements are taking place to ensure that the draft bill takes into consideration the “current socio-economic environment and challenges, the 6th Administration priorities, the need to review other DPWI policies to define the powers and mandate of the Public Works sector, etc”.

The department also confirmed that a Draft Construction Industry Development Board Amendment Bill has been drawn up and awaiting certification by the Office of the Chief State Law Adviser prior to tabling in cabinet for approval for public comment.

The department added that the presidency has already approved the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment on the proposed legislation.

The plan is for the public works and infrastructure minister, Patricia de Lille, to table the draft bill in cabinet for consideration.

The department aims to table the draft bill in parliament in 2022.

In terms of the Agrément South Africa Act of 2015, the department confirmed that it is monitoring implementation of the act and pointed out that currently there is no need to amend the act unless a need arises in the future.