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Public Transport Directions on COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Updated

July 20, 2020

Department of Transport

Bus, taxi and e-hailing, meter taxis, shuttle services, chauffeur-driven vehicles and scholar transport vehicles are permitted to carry 100% of licensed carry capacity for any trip not regarded as long distance travel.

The transport minister, Fikile Mbalula, announced this in a statement on updated public transport directions on Coronavirus COVID- 19 Alert Level 3.

The minister indicated that long distance travel refers to any trip that is 200 km or longer.

He also announced that commuter rail is permitted to carry 70% of licensed carry capacity.

Additional measures have been introduced to curb the spread of the virus in a 100% loaded public transport vehicle including that all operators must ensure that public transport vehicles are sanitized before picking up and after dropping off passengers; all public transport vehicles windows must be kept 5cm open on both sides; all public transport vehicles must be fitted with window jammers or blockers in order to keep the windows 5cm open; marshalls, security officers and passengers must wear masks and all public transport operators must put measures in place to adhere to physical distancing to curb the spread of the virus.

In terms of long distance travel, mini and midibus taxi vehicles may not carry more than 70% of their maximum licensed passenger carrying capacity.

Long distance bus services are permitted to carry a maximum of 70% of their permissible passenger carrying capacity for intra-provincial and permitted inter-provincial travel.

The minister also pointed out that long distance rail operations and travel remains prohibited.

Other measures highlighted by the minister include that transportation of liquor is only permitted for movement from a manufacturing plant to storage facilities, as well as transportation from manufacturing facilities to exit ports for export while transportation of liquor for sale, dispensing and distribution to customers is prohibited and public transport operating licences and accreditation certificates for tourist services that expired during the lockdown period will remain valid for a further period of 90 days.

The minister announced that East London Airport, George Airport and Kimberley Airport will reopen on 21 July 2020.

The minister declared that government will not tolerate conduct that places the lives of public transport users at risk and violation of the Regulations and Directions “is a criminal offense and law enforcement authorities will act without fear or favour”.