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Public Service Regulations Amended

April 12, 2019

Department of Public Service and Administration

12 April 2019

Public Service Regulations have been amended.

The public service and administration department published the amendments in Government Gazette 42394.

The regulations were originally published in Gazette 40167 in July 2016.

They focus on, inter alia, conduct, financial disclosure, anti-corruption and ethics management; planning, organizational arrangements and service delivery; employment matters; senior management service; information management and electronic government; advisory bodies to minister and community development workers programme.

In the amendments, Regulation 100 is amended by changing the prescribed size of advisory bodies from a maximum of five to ten members.

Regulation 103 is also adjusted by stipulating that advisory body members will be paid equivalent to the scales applicable to members of a Committee of Inquiry as determined by national treasury.

The amendments came into effect on the date of publication.