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Public Service and Administration to Step Up Fight Against Corruption

April 23, 2010

Department of Public Service and Administration

The minister of public service and administration, Richard Baloyi, confirmed in his budget vote speech in Parliament that the fight against corruption remained a key priority for his department.

“The prevalence of corruption in the public service pervades all aspects of government activity and effects citizen-state relations.”

The minister stressed that a successful fight against corruption was dependent, to a large extent, on removing an enabling environment within the public sector. It must be made more and more difficult for civil servants to commit acts of corruption.

Government’s response would rest on a two-pronged approach, namely, to focus on prevention while, at the same time, ensuring that adequate punitive measures exist to serve as an effective deterrent.

The minister announced that a public sector integrity management framework would be introduced in June 2010. The framework aimed to, amongst other things, strengthen and align all measures regulating good governance and probity, increase anti-corruption capacity and ensure compliance by means of better monitoring.

The public sector charter will also be launched around the same time. The charter will seek to put ground rules in place to guide the behaviour and commitment of public servants.

An anti-corruption unit was also being set up to help departments deal with complex corruption cases.