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Professionalisation of the Public Service Under the Spotlight

January 13, 2021

National School of Government

A National Implementation Framework towards the Professionalisation of the Public Service is under development.

The National School of Government called for comment on the draft framework in Government Gazette 44031.

Some of the objectives of the draft framework include entrenching a dynamic system of professionalisation in the public service, strengthening and enabling the legal and policy instruments to professionalise categories of occupations in the public service, enhancing and building partnerships and relationships with professional bodies, ensuring meritocracy in the recruitment and career management of public servants in line with the National Development Plan and the Medium Term Strategic Framework and initiating consequence management for “material irregularities”.

Cabinet approved the draft framework in November 2020 for consultation.

According to the cabinet statement, the draft framework proposes five critical professionalization pillars to be led by the National School of Government, in partnership with various institutions of learning.

The five pillars include pre-entry recruitment and selection within the public service; induction and onboarding; planning and performance management; continuous learning and professional development, and career progression and career incidents.

The National School of Government points out that the draft framework provides the state with an opportunity to develop key actions and systems to ensure the professionalisation of the public service.

“The ultimate outcome is to ensure a responsive, meritocratic and professionalised public administration in the service of the people.”

The draft framework focuses on the need for professionalising the South African public service, understanding professionalisation -the constitutional and legislative context, progress to date and benchmarked studies and proposals for professionalising the public service.

The draft framework emphasizes that “government remains committed towards professionalising the public service in order to ensure effective governance and efficient service delivery”.

Comment is invited until 26 February 2021.