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Process to Appoint FSCA Commissioner Underway

September 29, 2020

National Treasury

National treasury has announced that the process to appoint the Commissioner and up to four Deputy Commissioners of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is underway.

In a statement, treasury indicated that the process commenced with the filling of vacancies for the Shortlisting Panel appointed in 2018.

The Shortlisting Panel was set up on 15 September 2020 and is now properly constituted.

“This allows the process for the shortlisting and recommending of candidates for appointment as Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners of the FSCA to proceed swiftly, expeditiously and without any undue delay.”

Treasury confirmed that “new Regulations have introduced greater flexibility into the recruitment process, to enable the Panel to make a recommendation for the posts of Commissioner and up to four Deputy Commissioners, as soon as possible”.

Amended Regulations to the Financial Sector Regulation Act were published in Government Gazette 43581 on 5 August 2020.

They are designed to simplify the process for appointing the Commissioner and Deputy-Commissioners of the FSCA.

Interviews are planned for immediately after the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in October 2020.

In accordance with the Regulations, the recommendations of the Shortlisting Panel and a comprehensive report will be made public.

Meanwhile, in a statement, parliament announced that the Joint Sub-Committee of the Standing and Select Committees on Finance and Appropriations, tasked with recommending a candidate for appointment as the Director of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), will on Tuesday, 29 September 2020, interview six shortlisted candidates.

According to the statement, the PBO plays a “critical role in the provision of independent, objective and professional advice and analysis to the Members of Parliament on matters related to budget and other money bills”.